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Obtaining Customs Accreditation (CIIS) for import/export

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--- Quote from: eiram on September 27, 2006, 10:45:33 am --- Hi,

Has anyone had the experience to obtain a customs accreditation (CIIS) for import/export?
I just want to know if this process is complicated such that one needs to have a contact in the
department or it can be done on our own?  Any experiences shared will be greatly appreciated.


--- End quote ---

Good Day!

I have just read your query and hope i could be of great help to you.

I am presently doing business in 3major ports of the Philippines (i.e Port of Manila, MICP and NAIA) whose primary function is to assist individual in clearing their import and export requirements, etc. A Licensed Customs Broker (PRC Lic. 4213) by Profession.

For your further information:
1. Importers Accreditation are no longer handled by Customs Intillegence & Investigation Service (CIIS) and now transferred to Customs Accreditation Secretariat (CAS) pursuant to R.A. 9280.
2. A filing Fee of Php 1,000.00 for new applicant and Php 500.00 for renewal.
3. Submission of the ff. documents:


Below are the documentary requirements that need to be comply: (as per CMO 23-99)
1. Four copies of notarized accreditation application form with 2 x 2 pictures of applicant.
2. Mayor's Business Permit
4. Tax Identification Number (TIN CARD)
5. If a corporation/partnership, SEC Registration of Incorportion, Articles of Incorporation and by Laws, as well as any amendments thereto.
6. If a sole proprietorship, DTI-BTRCP Registration of Business Name.
7. If a cooperative, CDA Certificate of Registration, Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws,
8. BOI Certificate of Registration, if applicable
9. Affidavit of no change of circumstances from last application
10. Name of retained Licensed Customs Broker (CERTIFICATION)
11. Other documents of information that may be required.

II. If documents are complete, Inspection of Applicant Business will follow (to check/confirmed the existence of Business).

III. If your shipment arrive but still do not have the accreditation. Call me at 0918-7288040/826-8645.

Licensed Customs Broker
PRC Cert. 4213
CP: (0918) 728-8040
Tel: 829-8645
Fax: 826-5211

rst cb:

Add'l lang po.

Processing fee (Inspection fee) ng Customs personnel assigned to inspect your Office and Warehouse is depends on your office location. For example, Your office is within Manila, Paranaque, Mandaluyong, Makati... fees are ranging from 1,500 to 2,500. If outside Metro Manila, They demands much higher fees.

Other docs required aside from Edwin_edwin30 mentioned are:

> Electrec bill, telephone bill or water bill.
> Contact of leased, if the office is rented.
> Land title, if owned.
> Valid ID's

Aside from all mentioned required docs, Customs inspector need to take some photo of your office including the applicant's. This is a proof of customs personnel that he/she inspect your office.

Hope above helps.



What if my office is my residence, do they need to see a proper office set up there? Also, about the warehouse,
what if I am going to use a distribution company for warehousing services, etc. what details would they require from the distribution company and will they have to visit them too?  Please advise.


p.s. Many thanks to all those who responded and shared their info on this topic.  It is very mucb appreciated!

Good Day!

Hindi na CIIS tawag doon eh! ang pag kakaalam ko may binabayaran n lang sa Cash Div. ng Bureau of Customs. New lang ba company nyo?
Anyway, If your interested may kilala akong Licensed Customs Broker call/txt him  na lang 0926-7441585 or email him at His name is Ian Cortez. He process that for his clients. what is ur contact nos?


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