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Author Topic: Negosyong Diapers, Detergent, Perfume, Beauty Soap, Cooking Oil at iba pa  (Read 24235 times)


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Maging isa sa mga resellers namin na kumikita ng extra income sa maliit na capital lang!
- For as low as P500, pwede ka nang magsimula.
- No membership fee.
- Simpleng BUY and SELL lang po.

Lahat ng items namin ay personal naming sinubukan at ginagamit namin!
Lahat ay wholesale price. Kahit 1 piraso lang wholesale na!
Dahil sa baba ng presyo, swak na swak pangnegosyo!

Beauty Soaps: Glutathione, Kojic, Placenta, Papaya, Oatmeal, Arbutin, etc
Cooking Oil: Spring and Minola
Diapers and Baby Wipes: Petpet, Clifford, EQ Dry, Baby Soft, Winny, Toujours, etc
Household Product: Dishwashing Liquid, Fabric Conditioner, Detergent, Car Shampoo, etc
Perfume:Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Perfume, Victoria's Secret, Polo, CK, Tommy, etc
Personal Care Products:Hand Sanitizer, Lotion, Sanitary Napkin, Tissue, Hand Soap, etc
Perfume Bottles:Glass and Pet Bottles for Perfume, Lotion, Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, etc

Visit our site for more info:

Globe: 09053872872
Smart: 09182688463
Sun: 09235443856
Landline: (02)3518433
Yahoo Messenger: wholesalers_club
Email Address: [email protected]


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Our Products: With Discounts for P5000 assorted items
Compare our prices with others to know the difference :)

Dishwashing Liquid/Fabric Conditioner/Car Shampoo
350ml - P12
500ml - P15
1L - P25
1.5L P37
2L P50
4L/1.05 gallons P97
6L/1.58 gallons P140
20L - P455 (container with faucet P130 deposit)
150L - P3000 (drum 450 deposit)
*NOTE: We use recycled bottles. New bottles available by request with minor price adjustments.

Tipid Detergent - P20/kilo 50kg P925
Bright Detergent w/ Fabcon (Branded)  - P37
Premium Detergent (Ariel Like) P45

Body Mists Designer scents (replica of VIctoria's Secret Nenu Co, Polo, CK, Cool Water, CLinique Happy, etc)
50ml P34
100ml P54
500ml P200
1L P370
Eau De Toilette also available.

BFAD Approved Beauty Soaps 135g - P29.50
Glutathione, Kojic, Placenta, Papaya, Lemon, Tea Tree, Oat Meal, etc

Generic Bath Soap (Palmolive Scent (65 grams)
P6.00 only.

Mena Papaya P11.50

Scrap Papaya Soap (Mga pinagtabasan)- P70 per kilo
50 grams - P4.50 ONLY (Ready to be sold!)

Spring Cooking Oil Authentic direct from plant
1 Liter Plastic Bottle - P58
17kg Refill - 795
17kg Tin Can - P880
17kg Carbuoy P915

A lot more products are available. :)

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Hi, I sent you the pricelist of all our products. :)


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Pricelist sent to those who requested. =)

Visit our Sulit Site to check all the products

We have a new product!

Scrap Papaya Soap P70 per kilo

P4.50 per 50 grams - will be available soon!

Thanks for viewing.
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Hi, pricelist sent. =)


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pag pumunta ako sa office nyo sa divisoria i can i buy the scrap na 70 per kilo na soap?


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