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Author Topic: Generic/Branded Medicines Distributorship  (Read 2849 times)


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Generic/Branded Medicines Distributorship
« on: August 04, 2011, 08:11:35 AM »
Anyone interested in Generic/Branded Medicines Distribution in your areas? All you need is to have a minimum 5t capital to work on! for more info, you may post it here or email me at [email protected].

Thank you and Welcome!

Below are samples of generics medicines available, pricing to follow..

Aciclovir 200mg tab   Scheele   100   pcs
Aciclovir 400mg tab   Scheele   30   pcs
Acetylcysteine granules 200mg   Solmucol   40   pcs
Allopurinol tab 100mg   Scheele   100   pcs
Allopurinol tab 300mg   Scheele/Elavil   100   pcs
Ambroxol drops   Diamond/Lumar   1   pc
Ambroxol syr 15mg 60mL   Lumar   1   pc
Ambroxol syr 30mg 60ml    Lumar   1   pc
Ambroxol tab 30mg   DM   100   pcs
Ambroxol SR cap 75mg   Muxol   100   pcs
Amlodipine Be tab 10mg    MORVASC   140   pcs
Amlodipine Be tab 5mg   JOHNVASC   100   pcs
Amlodipine Be tab 10mg    TENSIVE   100   pcs
Amlodipine Be tab 5mg   TENSIVE   100   pcs
Amlodipine Be tab 10mg    CALBLOC   100   pcs
Amlodipine Be tab 5mg   AMADAY   100   pcs
Amlodipine Be tab 10mg   AMADAY   100   pcs
Amlodipine Be tab 10mg     SWAMLO   28   pcs
Amlodipine Be tab 5mg       SWAMLO   28   pcs

More products list available upon request. thank you.
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