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Author Topic: Mega Veggie C is the best Vitamin C in Sodium Ascorbate form!  (Read 1539 times)


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According to World Health Organization (WHO),

an average person needs 500mg of Vitamin C everyday.

Paano mo naman makukuha ang ganung karaming dosage ng Vitamin C?

Kelangan mo kumain ng napakaraming prutas sa isang araw!

Bukod sa mahirap ito gawin at masyadong marami, may kamahalan!

Good thing andito na ang Sodium Ascorbate!

The best form Vitamin C in the market!

 Yes parang Fern-C!

This one is only better!

The product is Switzerland-made, packaged by J.M Tollman Laboratories, Inc in Diliman QC Philippines. It is for all ages (from babies up to elderly) , composed of finest fruits and seaweeds (100% natural and safe) , Bfad approved, Affordable price and fast-selling.


Bakit naman maganda ang Mega Veggie C??

- Mega Veggie C uses vegetable capsules, which are all natural and retain all the advantages of standard two-piece capsules. These vegetable capsules are easy to swallow and effectively mask taste and odor. They are starch, gluten and preservative-free, and meet the cultural and strict dietary needs of customers that choose a vegetarian life-style.

- Mega Veggie C fights off the effects of having high cholesterol. Cholesterol repairs micro features of blood vessel walls, but the sticky nature of cholesterol when filling in these micros-features promotes the build up of more cholesterol at these areas of blood vessel walls. Mega c prevents the build up of cholesterol and subsequent blockages of blood vessels will not occur.

-In a recent concluded test, smokers' blood lead levels declined by an average of 81% when supplemented with 1000 mg of Mega Veggie C.

- Mega Veggie C must be taken as a daily supplement to maintain a greater immune system, because the body can neither make or store Vitamin C for long periods of time.

- Mega Veggie C helps people who re weaning from illegal drugs as it reverses the bad effects of substances like heroine, etc.

- Smoothen and whiten your skin

- Mega Veggie C helps fight lung-borne diseases particularly to smokers

- This great product addresses plenty of diseases, can be used for your family and personal consumption.

- powder can be diluted in water as facial cleanser, for sore eyes, cataracts, as mouthwash

Mega Veggie C vs. Standard Vitamin C
Mega Veggie C     Standard Vitamin C

Alkaline-based  with a pH range of 7.5 - 7.8

100% All natural and pure Vitamin C

Can be taken by persons with ulcers & diabetes neutralizes acidity

Stays from 12-14 hours in the body can be taken in Mega doses for better results

Dissolves 8x faster for quicker absorption safe for babies

Can be taken either before or after meal

95% is absorbed by the body. 5% is flushed out

in crystalized powder form to preserve pureness


Acid-Based with a pH range of 2.5 - 2.3

Standard Vitamin C with binders

Not Advisable

Irritates the Stomach

Stays for 3-4 hours in the body

Cannot be taken on an empty stomach

25% is absorbed by the body, 75% is flushed out in tablet form (with starch ingredients)


1) Mega C. is non acidic and has a pH range of 7.5 to 7.8 and it can be taken as much

as referred without the negative effects of other highly acidic Vitamins C tablets.

2) It helps fight stress by boosting your immune system to help prevent flu, cough,

bronchitis, respiratory problems and other viral and bacterial infection.

3) It protects your cardiovascular system, particularly your heart, from bad cholesterol.

4) It protects the body from carcinogens found in processed meats by blocking the reaction between nitrates and proteins.

5) Its direct effect on collagen has shown that it has the capacity to mend skin and bone injuries, and improve the quality of life of those who are suffering from disorders like multiple sclerosis and spondylitis.

6) It helps reduce the insulin requirements of those suffering from type 1 Diabetes, multiple sclerosis and spondylitis.

7) its antihistamine function help fight all forms of allergies, multiple sclerosis and spondylitis.

8) It enhances sexual performance by making the endocrine glands perform at its peak level.

9) Its antioxidant properties prevent the weakening of the sperm cell.

10) It help whiten your skin!

11) It prevents constipation and reduces the size of hemorrhoids.

12) It uses vegetable capsules, which are all natural and retain all the advantages of standard two-piece capsules.



P750.00 (100capsule)

Member's Price

P500 (33% Discount)


Mega Veggie C


=> Text mo lang ako  0922.8118932 send mo:



Contact number:


o tumawag sa landline 342-6209

pwede rin po meet up sa office

2nd Flr. Agustin Bldg. Emerald Avenue

at the back of El Pueblo

Jen Boncay
Spa & Laundry Owner, Laundry Business Consultant & Trainor
Mega C Distributor     
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