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Author Topic: Repacking Business at Home  (Read 13569 times)


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Repacking Business at Home
« on: May 09, 2013, 06:12:06 PM »
Repacking Business can be done at home with minimal cost.
1. Minimal Start-up Cost
2. No need for store. Can be done on your dinning room.
3. You can control and prevent expiration. (repack upon order)
4. Can offer several products.
5. Don't need special knowledge and skills.
6. Highly marketable products on your control.

What you need to start the business:
1. Plastic Packaging with Good Quality. Packaging will either make or break your product. If it looks good, then people will be attracted and interested to your product. But if you use poor quality packaging, it will make your product look cheap, and shelve life will highly be reduced.
2. Identity. This will be your brand. You brand is what will tell you about your product. Specially if client have a good experience with your product, they will look and prefer your brand over other product/brand. This is usually the brand name, and the label we put in the packaging.
3. Product. This will be the item that you would want to sell. Food is a good product, you just have to decide on which type of food you want to sell. Some of the food groups that our client repack are: red and green beans, rice, chocolates, candies, cookies, cocoa, coco sugar, etc. Some of them make it into a loot bag that are being distributed during birthday party.  Just be creative to get more attention.

With different types and sizes to choose from. Please refer to the link below.,Position,1-3,3


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Re: Repacking Business at Home
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2013, 11:46:17 PM »
This is quite interesting. I will get around to contacting you hopefully sooner rather than later. Bookmarked your page :)


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Re: Repacking Business at Home
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2013, 09:55:36 PM »
Thank you! I am glad to announce that we still have a product introductory offer until the end of May. We are offering 20% discount for our stand up pouch subject to min order of 5 bundles.

These pouches can be used for food (food safe) and non-food items. You may source your very own product and use our pouch for repacking. Just imagine the endless possibilities you can do with the pouch.

Its a business at home, using your existing facilities like your dinning room, living room, and even your kitchen. You handle your own time, and your own pacing. You can repack anything from food products such as cookies, candies, etc, upto non-food like soap, bolt and nuts, bath room items, etc.

It is also good for business owner to offer add on products to their existing store. Like internet gaming offering their own snacks like peanuts and candies, restaurant offering their food for take out such as cookies, and even frozen product such as tocino, tapa and likes that client can cook at home.

Give me private message of your existing business, i will try to help you by recommending ideas that i think would be possible. No commitment, No fees, i would just like to offer my FREE service by recommendation. You won't loose anything, just give me a message.

Looking forward to your pm. thanks!

please visit our facebook page at

also visit our sulit shop. check our product facelift article,Position,1-4,4



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