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A trip to Divisoria

A simple guide to finding what you need in the bustling shopping district
By Rafael Santos |

Divisoria has long been a haven for bargain shoppers and people in need of hard-to-find items. Different people have different Divisorias, because the many alleys and byways of this bustling commercial district is filled with an assortment of knickknacks: from clothes to hardware components, and from spices to heavy machinery.

Indeed, its streets have become synonymous with affordability, but its diversity has also become the bane of first-time shoppers who don’t know where to look for specific products. To help readers sort through the mass of shops and stores that populate this area, Entrepreneur has taken a little side trip to help point people in the right direction.

So whether you’re shopping for personal use or for your business, Divisoria offers you an affordable and welcome option.

Bargain malls:

There are a bevy of malls that dot the area, but there are two prominent shopping places where shoppers can get great prices. The 168 Mall can be accessed from the adjacent streets of Reina Regente or from the Binondo district, and is home to cheap appliances, gadgets, and accessories. The Tutuban Mall, accessed from Recto or Abad Santos streets, is filled with RTW items and accessories. For shoppers looking for a little bit of adventure, the entire length of Juan Luna street is devoted to little accessories, kitchen wares, and other household items.



If you’re planning to start a t-shirt business, Juan Luna Street should be your foremost destination in Divisoria. Here, you can get great bargains on bulk orders, and even find printing shops offering rates that are lower than their commercial counterparts as long as you meet their minimum order requirements. Talk about one-stop shop! Juan Luna is near the Binondo Church.


Gowns and formal wear:

Dressing up for a special occasion or starting a clothing store or wedding coordinator business? Then mark Ilaya and Tabora St. in your maps. There you will find an assortment of gowns, barongs, polo shirts, and dresses to suit formal occasions like weddings.

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