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How to make Spanish sardines

Learn how to make Spanish sardines.

May 07, 2013 10:00 am

Bottled Spanish-style sardines are versatile viands, as they make for a delicious, quick meal, or can be given as a nicely-wrapped gift set. Sardines are rich in calcium, and the homemade kind will surely be a hit with the health-conscious because they do not contain the preservatives that canned varieties have. This incredibly flavorful item is simple to make—using just a handful of wholesome ingredients—and can be enjoyed at any time and occasion.


[related|post]Materials needed:

8-oz sterilized glass bottles with cap, P300 to P500

Box cartons, P200

Pressure cooker, P1,000

Measuring cups and spoons


Chopping board



½ kilo 100 grams-sized bangus (cleaned, scaled, without head and tail), depending on market price


1 medium-sized carrot (cut thickly), P7

3 pieces of pickled cucumber (cut thickly), P50


2 bay leaves, P4

Peppercorn, P3

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