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Products regulated by the BFAD

Here is a list of products/services regulated by BFAD.

Feb 26, 2012 09:00 am

Per RA 3720, BFAD regulates drugs, processed food, cosmetics, and household hazardous substances.

[related|post]The products are classified into product classes, product categories and then product types as shown in the Table of Products. This classification of products is used in determining the applicable documentary requirements for submitting applications for establishment licensing or product registration.

Issuance of an LTO involves the following processes:

*An establishment applies for the issuance, renewal or amendment of an LTO and pays the corresponding processing fees.


*BFAD processes, evaluates and decides on the application.


*BFAD issues the LTO

The BFAD Integrated Information System (BIIS) provides for online submission of applications, online payment and automated processing and issuance of the LTO.



The Laboratory Services Division (LSD) performs the following services:

• Conducts laboratory tests on finished products to determine compliance with standards of safety, efficacy, purity and quality

• Conducts tests on packaging materials used for foods, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices and other related products.

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