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All Articles by Richard Agu

Run & Grow

4 Common Reasons Your Startup Is Going to Fail

Don't fall into all the same old traps

by Richard Agu  | November 14, 2017 08:00:00
Run & Grow

5 Tips to Overcoming Major Business Obstacles

Sometimes a small thing can make the difference between failing or succeeding

by Richard Agu  | October 15, 2017 08:00:00
Startup Tips

5 Things You Need to Ask Yourself Before Launching Your Business

You have a good idea, but how do you make it a reality?

by Richard Agu  | October 03, 2017 08:00:00
Startup Tips

3 Financial Planning Tips to Make Sure Your Startup Survives

Too many entrepreneurs focus on their idea and not their finances.

by Richard Agu  | July 06, 2017 05:00:00
Startup Tips

A 4-Step Guide to Realistically Pursuing Your Passion

Don't let your search for a dream job drive you crazy

by Richard Agu  | May 28, 2017 02:00:00
Run & Grow

Why It's (Sometimes) Good to Fire Your Employees

Don't let your workers take advantage of your company

by Richard Agu  | April 26, 2017 02:00:00
Run & Grow

Take Risks on Your Business, Not Your Body

Five ways to stay fit, healthy and happy in a stressful industry

by Richard Agu  | April 05, 2017 05:00:00
Run & Grow

6 Skills You Can Learn Online for a Lucrative and Productive 2017

Expand your skill sets to be desirable in the job market

by Richard Agu  | January 01, 2017 12:00:00
Startup Tips

4 lessons learned from building a 6-figure freelancing business

Work hard, keep learning, automate your processes and don't expect magic

by Richard Agu  | September 23, 2016 06:00:00