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All Articles by JC Medina

Business Ideas

7 steps to set up your I.T. department

Information technology both as a practice and an organizational unit in any business should be planned right form the start.

by JC Medina  | November 28, 2012 02:00:00
Business Ideas

Keep your e-mails safe

Find out how you can protect your mailbox from spam and phishing that can come in the form of garbled messages or text rendered in image files.

by JC Medina  | September 21, 2012 10:00:00
Business Ideas

Online meeting solutions for SMEs

Business meetings with distant groups do not have to be costly.

by JC Medina  | June 04, 2012 09:00:00
Business Ideas

Twitter your way to marketing success

Maximize both conventional and unconventional applications of Twitter to market your business

by JC Medina  | May 17, 2012 02:00:00
Startup Tips

Give away postcards to advertise your products

Free ad-card marketing can help small businesses test a campaign and refine it for subsequent full-scale implementation.

by JC Medina  | April 05, 2012 11:00:00
Business Ideas

7 things to remember when putting up an IT department

Plan it right, right from the start

by JC Medina  | May 02, 2011 05:00:00