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Author Topic: Organizing A Star Wars Themed Party  (Read 2606 times)


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Organizing A Star Wars Themed Party
« on: October 27, 2017, 10:34:26 am »
Star Wars have garnered fans throughout the globe, regardless of age and gender. ‘A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away’, Star Wars was born and has remained in the hearts of lots of people globally. Organizing and designing a Star Wars themed party – birthday, get-together or anniversary, can be a thrilling venture that will make your events memorable.

Getting the right Star Wars invitation cards, Trooper cupcakes and Star Wars balloons can be cumbersome. This guide will help you make you Star Wars party events eventful:

Party Invitations

There are different styles of Star Wars party invites, depending on the character you love. It could be an eye-catching graphics card or a light saber made up of paper. Some online stores also offer custom designs or you could download some designs and do it yourself at home.

For a unique invitation card, here are some few tips:

Write your party details into a light saber-shaped white pasteboard. Use your favorite color markers to color the beam and handle. The party details should be on the beam.
Print out screenshots from the favorite parts of the movie and write the party details at the back.

Make a Darth Vader’s helmet out of black construction paper, and write your party details with a bright colored pen.

You can cut two small lightsabers out of pasteboard and cross them together in the middle of a card. Write the party details inside.

Party Decorations

The Star Wars franchise is known for some colors – black, white, gray, royal blue etc, but you can spice up the look with a range of colors. You can choose red, green and blue colors of the lightsaber to make the party designs more eye-catching. You can also customize your cupcakes and candy buffet with Star Wars characters to make a huge visual impact.

Balloons:  These come in different shapes and sizes adding more color to the party. Most Star Wars characters have balloons with their pictures on them. Star Wars balloons can be found in online stores. Some are Star Wars Black 11" Latex Balloons, Star Wars Storm Trooper Airwalker Balloon, Star Wars BB8 Shape Foil Balloon and Star Wars R2D2 AirWalker Foil Balloon amongst others.

Party Food

The height of Star Wars parties is the food which is usually named after the movie characters. Names like Yoda Soda and Hoth Dogs are common. You can find other names for every food or drink served at the party.

Some suggestions:

Jedi Chips and Dip: You can serve blue tortilla chips with black bean dip

Darth Vader Cookies: You can bake cookies and frost them in chocolate. You can place them in a tray with a Darth Vader pasteboard image in it.

Light Saber Jigglers: You can prepare your favorite flavor of Jell O and use Star Wars cookie to cut the shapes into light sabers or any other Star Wars accessory.

Yoda Soda: You can serve water, ginger ale or lemon-lime soda with some green Kool-Aid cubes and let visitors marvel at the green effect.

A Star Wars balloons themed party is always a fun affair with enough games to engage visitors. If you are a fan of the franchise, try to organize one, it will make your events a memorable one that your attendants will speak about for a very long time.


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Organizing A Star Wars Themed Party
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