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Author Topic: SME Definition by Employment and by Asset Size  (Read 28436 times)


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SME Definition by Employment and by Asset Size
« on: March 22, 2006, 01:21:26 am »
While I'm searching for the difference of micro, small and medium enterprise, I saw this one.

Table 1-1. Summary of Main Definitions of SMEs in ASEAN-5
COUNTRY                  DEFINITION OF SME                                                 MEASURE
China                        Less than 100 employees                                          Employment
                                (varies per industry)                                   
Indonesia                   Less than 100 employees                                          Employment
 Malaysia                    RM 2.5 million and below                                           Shareholders funds       
                               Less than 75 employees                                             Employment
Philippines                  P 100,000,000 and below                                           Asset
                               Less than 200 employees                                           Employment
Singapore          S$ 12,000,000 and below fixed assets for manufacturing          Fixed assets
                        Less than 100 employees for services                                   Employment
Thailand              100m Baht and below for capital-intensive firms                    Capital
                          Less than 200 employees for labor-intensive firms                Employment

Source: Table 1, Hall (1995).

Table 2-2. Table 2-2. SME Definition by Employment and by Asset Size
SIZE                         BY EMPLOYMENT                         BY ASSET SIZE
Micro                        1-9 employees                            Up to P 3,000,000
Small                         10-99 employees                        P 3,000,001 - P 15,000,001
Medium                      100-199 employees                     P 15,000,001 to P 100,000,000
Large                         200 and above employees             P 100,000,001 and above

Source of Data: National Statistics Office and Small and Medium Enterprise Development
Council (SMEDC) Resolution No. 1, Series 2003.

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