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Author Topic: Proper forum etiquette  (Read 32243 times)


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Proper forum etiquette
« on: January 23, 2004, 10:41:10 am »
While we encourage open and active discourse and debates in this forum, we must still maintain respect for the opinions and views of others.  Proper etiquette will allow us all to fully enjoy this board.  In other words, live and let live!

Here are a few things to keep in mind before posting:

1.  Please refrain from cursing or insulting others.  Respecting others is tantamount to earning respect from others.

2.  Keep your arguments clean and logical.  We don't want any mudslinging and flaming going on here as it affects everyone.

3.  Please avoid TYpInG LYk DiS and refrain frm usng txt shrtcts. That way, everyone will have an easier time reading the posts.

4.  Incidents of harassments towards other members are taken very seriously and should be reported immediately to the assigned moderator of the board and/or administrator.  Appropriate action will be taken after investigation of the said incident.

5.  Posts should be relevant to the category which it is contained in.  Posting off-topic will result in your messages being moved, locked, or worse, deleted.

6.  Please avoid flooding posts as it will cause everyone to suffer in terms of the boards' performance.  Flooders who posts nonsense messages could very well get their accounts banned.

7.  Some topics that are posted might be controversial or offensive to the sensibilities of some.  If you feel strongly against such topics, post a counter-statement or retort.  Let's remember to respect the views of others!

8. Please keep attached pictures small since posting unnecessarily large pictures will ruin the layout of the site and slow down the loading of pages for other posters.  Please limit your signatures to 150 pixels (height) by 500 pixels (width) COMBINED for both text and images.  This means that if the image occupies only 100 pixels in height but there is an accompanying 5 lines of text which pushes the total beyond 150 pixels, it will be disallowed. Be considerate of other's bandwidth as most of us are still connected via dial-up  ;) 

9. Avoid posting contact numbers (cell, landline, etc) of any member, non-member, celebrity, non-celebrity here.  Since this is an open forum, doing so might leave the victim open to harassment.  Let us respect the privacy of others.

10.  Entrepreneur Philippines does not guarantee the identity/credibility of our members in any way.  Please make an effort to personally check the background of the individuals you meet through this board throughly before engaging in any high risk business dealings.  We will not be held liable for any physical/emotional/financial damages resulting in these personal dealings.

11. reserves the right to delete posts and suspend/ban users who post content that are suspected or have been found to violate copyright laws.  Please avoid copying and pasting content into the, whether it be images, audio or articles without express written consent from the copyright owner.


Moderator action: Off-topic messages will be moved by the moderators to the appropriate forum or deleted if found to be inappropriate. The moderators reserve the right to move or delete posts and whole threads that are deemed to be of an abusive or disruptive nature, as well as issue warnings to offenders.
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Moderator Functions
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2007, 03:55:27 pm »
Moderators are tasked to police the forum and its members. It is their prerogative to delete, move, merge or split any thread under their forum responsibilities. They can also recommend members for suspension or banning to the administrator.

Penalty System

To safeguard Entrepreneur forum members against abusive behavior, we are enforcing the Three Strikes penalty system.

A member who behaves in any manner that goes against the Rules & Regulations may be issued a warning.

A warning is equivalent to one strike. Three strikes constitute grounds for suspending a member's account for an indefinite period of time.

Three strikes may consist of one type or a combination of several types of violation.

Aside from a violation of any of the above rules, the following also warrant a stern warning and are also offenses that count toward the three strikes.

1. Deliberate disregard of a moderator’s reminder
2. Questioning a moderator’s judgment or decision
3. Disrespect, such as making rude or sarcastic remarks to a moderator on board or in private messages.

An exception to the Three Strikes penalty system would be a case of serious to extreme behavior, for which a member may be immediately and permanently banned.

Respect your moderators

They are tasked to keep the boards in good order and to see to it that activity in the forum remains clean and healthy. They deserve your courtesy and cooperation. No complaints or comments in question of moderation in public. Of course, if it’s nothing but praise, post away! If you think you’ve been treated unfairly, please contact the moderator via private message.

Moderator and Administrator actions: A warning will be issued and the unsolicited comments either struck out or taken off the boards. A direct attack on the moderators, whether in the boards or the PM, will result in the suspension of your membership for an indefinite period of time.

Do your part to help out

Consider it good practice on your part to click the Report to Moderator link (at the bottom right of every post) to report questionable discussions so we can evaluate them. However, do not abuse this feature.

House rules taken from FemaleNetwork's GirlTalk
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Re: Proper forum etiquette
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2007, 05:49:49 pm »
Additional Rules:

1. Please refrain from 'upping', 'bumping' or putting just 'smileys' to your post. If you must, why not put more additional info about your product or service so that people will be more enticed to buy or inquire.

2. Also, avoid posting your email by asking for more details. Spammers are very rampant and exposing your email makes you more vulnerable. If you want to inquire, send the person a private message (PM) instead of using 'send me more details at'.

Thank you for your cooperation! ;)


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Re: Proper forum etiquette
« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2008, 08:11:15 am »
Additional Rules:
Advertising a site of the same category (business/entrepreneurship) is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with the said rule will cause banning from the entrepreneur site.


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Re: Proper forum etiquette
« Reply #4 on: January 17, 2008, 07:53:36 am »
Additional Rules:
Advertising a site of the same category (business/entrepreneurship) is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with the said rule will cause banning from the entrepreneur site.

Marami na ang na banned sa forum na ito pero patuloy pa rin ang pagsuway. Ang iba ay lumalaban pa. Maging makatao naman tayo sa pag gamit ng forum na ito. Kahit i double check nyo ang rules and regulations ng forum na pino promote nyo ay ayaw din nila na may mga members dun na basta basta na lang magpo promote ng ibang site. Sana naman ay huwag nyong gawin dito yan.