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Author Topic: Help Maintain ORDER in Business Matching  (Read 22168 times)


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Help Maintain ORDER in Business Matching
« on: October 23, 2006, 11:52:21 am »
to date, i have cleared this category of some 20 pages of multiple postings.

though we dont stop you from posting a new topic, we would want to keep order in this category thus may we request you:

1. not to create new threads if you have an existing thread with the same content.
2. not to post "send me details" or smilies as a form of "upping" the thread. the best way is for you to email, PM, text or call the thread starter for any inquiry.
3. to post complete details at the start of the thread so that we can eliminate all those "send me details" posts.

failure to comply would mean:

1. merging the new thread with your existing thread and a warning will be posted on the merged thread
2. members posting "send me details" or smilies as a form of upping the thread will be warned via PM
3. posting a warning for the thread starter if incomplete details are posted

deliberate non-compliance of these rules would mean a possible banning of your account.

for your strict compliance, please.