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There are more than 40 million Filipino mobile phone users today. The average use of Juan dela Cruz is P30/day. This would translate to almost a billion pesos a day going into this industry. The big chunk of the market are Smart users comprising 60%, while Globe has 30% and sun has 10%. These telecom giants share around 20% of their profit to DISTRIBUTORS, DEALERS, SUB-DEALERS AND RETAILERS.:
A) The RETAILER earns around 13% profit on his sales. Ex. A retailer who averages P1,000/day prepaid load sales earns P130/day (13% of P1,000)
B) The SUB-DEALER earns 2% override commission on the sales of his retailers. Ex. Assuming a subdealer has 10 retailers who averages P1,000/day prepaid load sales, his total sales volume would be P10,000/day. The sub-dealer then earns P200/day (2% of P10,000). The sub-dealer must invest on retailer sims (linked to his sub-dealer sim), and must first SELL these sims before he starts earning. The more retailers the sub-dealer has, the bigger is his commission.
C) The DEALER earns 3% to 4% override commission of the load sales. The big advantage of the dealer over the sub-dealer particularly for Smart, is that the Dealer can sell load wallet directly to existing Smart load retailers. Meaning, his market is already available without the need to create it first (or to SELL retailer sims) for him/her to earn . Ito yung mga LOAD WALLET LOADING STATIONS; they're selling LOAD WALLET (to existing retailers), and not just LOADS. Ang binibenta nila hindi P30, 60, 115; mahina na ang P500 na benta sa isang retailer-client. A starting capital of P10,000/day can easily become P10,400.00 in a matter of hours, and if rolled-over monthly, can grow to P100,000+ in a few months.
D) The DISTRIBUTOR earns by putting up his own Load Wallet Loading Station also, PLUS earn override commissions on HIS DEALERS. If the Dealer can earn so much, the potential earning for the Distributor is much more! Its like owning a franchise of Jollibee and still getting a share of the sales of other Jollibee outlets as well! However, it is almost impossible for an ordinary Filipino to become a Distributor because of the big capital, bond and quota requirement!

What were offering here is an alternative, called the SMART VIRTUAL DISTRIBUTORSHIP! Wherein you will be able to earn in a similar way as the Smart Distributor with a very small capital! How is this possible? Thru a SYSTEM that we have that will allow you to have ACCESS to our Smart Distributor, and get a share of the profit as well! The system is a fully automated program that executes commands thru the click of a finger (via SMS or text message)! To give you an idea, youll be able to sell smart load wallet at 4.5% profit margin. Youll also be able to create smart virtual dealers (smart load wallet capable sims) and set the rate for them. The rate difference would then be your override commission!
For Globe, Im also offering a Subdealer Package with an add-on profit rate of 17%. Example, for every P1000, corresponding load wallet is P1170. The package consist of the Subdealer sim and 10 pcs of retailer sims with tarpaulins.

If you are interested, please text me at 09106401368 or email me @


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