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Author Topic: Stainless Alkaline Water Processor Business Packages  (Read 1222 times)


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Stainless Alkaline Water Processor Business Packages
« on: August 30, 2010, 09:27:19 pm »
 Almost all of the current refilling stations are producing purified water (water with zero minerals) using the reverse osmosis technology.

The Stainless Alkaline Water Processor (SAP 2500) offers a very good business alternative to offer the highest form of drinking water, the NATURAL ALKALINE WATER.

It is a stand out business that immediately draws the big difference in product THE UNHEALTHY ACIDIC PURIFIED WATER vs THE HEALTHY NATURAL ALKALINE WATER.

Alkaline Water Benefits:

    * Best form of drinking water
    * Alkaline water nourishes the body cells and neutralizes acids (Fatty Acids, Sugar Acids, Uric Acids, Cetric Acids)
    * Plenty of oxygen that nourishes cells. Perfect for CANCER PREVENTION.

Ingen Water Station Packages Key Benefits:

    * LOW INVESTMENT: Small area requirement, Competitive Package Prices, No need for EXPENSIVE Reverse Osmosis requirements like water tanks and pumps.
    * FAST ROI: Usually takes 5 to 6 months to recover your investment. Other water refilling stations usually takes years to recover investments due to high investment amount.
    * EASY TO INSTALL AND ECONOMICAL TO MAINTAIN: SAP 2500 is practically a plug and play machine that allows you to start your business rapidly and easier to maintain.
    * ZERO WATER WASTE: Compared to REVERSE OSMOSIS (which throws as much as 80% water to the drain and only use 20% drinking water), SAP 2500 offers ZERO Water Waste which lowers your operating cost.

Ingen Solutions offers affordable financial packages that suite your business needs starting at Php 75,000.00 (Starter Package).

Check full ads at:

Contact us:
Email: contact @
Phone: +63 2 923 4064 / +63 2 496 8105
Mobile: +63 926 720 4732



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