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Author Topic: New PS Bank Flexi Card Loan Up To P250,000 REVOLVING CREDIT LINE!  (Read 10413 times)


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PS BANK FLEXI CARD is  the answer to your personal needs!
•   The ONLY Personal Loan that lets you choose to avail in Installment or Revolving
•   The ONLY Personal Loan that incurs interest for just the amount used
The ONLY Personal Loan that lets you earn a rebate for paying in advance or paying in excess of your monthly amortization
•   The ONLY Personal Loan that is available 24/7 thru PSBANK AND BANCNET ATMs Nationwide and Maestro Cirrus Worldwide
•   The ONLY Personal Loan comes with a FREE CHECKBOOK for loan amount of 50k up


•   Must be at least 22 years old; 54 years old upon renewal
•   Must be Filipino with billing address within the philippines
•   Minimum work tenure of 1 yr from current employment, if employed
Minimum of 3yrs profitable in the same business, if self-employed
•   Atleast 25k Basic Income, if employed
Net Income of atleast 50k, if self-employed
•   Must be a credit card holder with good standing  record


•   Fill out PS BANK FLEXI CARD application form
•   2 valid IDs
•   Latest itr with complete signature of employer and employee
•   Latest Credit Card billing statement

•   Fill out PS BANK FLEXI CARD application form
•   2 vald IDs
•   Latest itr with BIR stamp and audited financial statement
•   Latest Credit Card billing statement

FOR INQUIRIES, PLS CALL LAARNI 0928-5247707 / 509-7225



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