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Author Topic: PAANO KUMITA NG P10K A DAY!  (Read 1258 times)


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« on: March 27, 2013, 06:50:05 pm »
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Dalawa ang pwedeng pagpipilian kung paano makapag-umpisa sa Goldlife Entrepreneurship Program!
1)Paylite Program = only P1,100 pesos only..madali lang mag upgrade ..bumili lang ng patagi-tagi na product at P800 per item up to 10 items...on the 11th items P500 nalang ang mabibili mo at Regular na ang Entry seyempre kahit P1,100 pwede ka nang makapag-start sa pag nenegosyo.
1.referral bonus bawat invite mo na bumili rin ng Paylite Package na P1,100 may P300 pesos ka.
   the more referrals the more P300..
2)Regular Package =only P6,888 pesos only..ang products na makukuha mo ay 10 items x 800 at 4 discount certificate..

see the post at makikita mo ang lahat ng detalye!

our company




GoldLife Distribution Phils., Inc. a fast-growing Filipino company, which aims to provide opportunities for enhanced life, improved health and stable future for all qualified individuals. We invite individuals who are industrious, ambitious and aggressive enough to join GoldLife Distribution Phils., Inc. by accepting our concept of direct and personalized selling techniques while enjoying the benefits of individualized incentive schemes.
GoldLife Distribution Phils., Inc. is the result of years of strategic planning for best marketing concepts, coupled with technical researches and the assistance of consultants from the US, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. Clinical sampling and surveys were also done in order to come up with Vitamins, Supplemental and Nutritional products that would bring effective results to good health and bring profitable returns at the soonest time possible.
How to start the business?

Buy P8400  to P10,000 worth of pharmaceutical products for only P6,888.00!
Our product packages to choose from:
Entry Package 1 (8 boxes)                                 
Coffee Max (3 boxes)            1 set
Sentra 42                                1 box
Cal-Cee                                   1 box
Glutapearl                               1 bottle
Glusaflex                                 1 box
Body Strong for Men             1 box
Body Strong for Women        1 box
Entry Package 2 (8 boxes)
UrgenCee           8 boxes
Entry Package 3 (8 boxes)
UrgenCee        2 boxes set
Halo                  2 sets
Cal-Cee            2 boxes
Chlorevita       2 boxes
Entry Package 4 (10 boxes)
Cal-Cee       10 boxes
Entry Package 5 (8boxes)
Halo                                            1 set
UrgenCee                                  1 box
Chlorevita                                  1 box
Cal-Cee                                       1 box
Glusaflex                                    1 box
Glutapearl                                   1 bottle
Body Strong for Men                 1 box
Body Strong for Women            1 box
Entry Package 6 (6 boxes)
Cal-Cee                         2 boxes
Chlorevita                     2 boxes
YangLaw                        2 boxes
Entry Package 7 (8 boxes)
Cal-Cee                          2 boxes
Chlorevita                      4 boxes
Halo                                 2 sets
Entry Package 8 (8 boxes)
Cal-Cee                           4 boxes
Chlorevita                       4 boxes
Enty Package 9 (8 boxes)
Cal-Cee                           3 boxes
Wheatley                         3 boxes
Chlorevita                       2 boxes
paylite entry (1,100.00)

Business Kit: P300
Registration Code
Company Brochure
1 pc Raffle Ticket
2 pcs SPP Discount Certificate
Identification Card
Application Form

Paylite Product: P800
1 box of Any Goldlife Product
500 Paylite PV

Paylite Mechanics:
1. Purchase a Business Kit and register
2. Accumulate and encode 10 Paylite Product Vouchers codes to activate Regular Membership
 You'll get all of these for FREE
1. Insurance worth Php100,000
2. Access to Cheap Medicine
3. GLAD discount
4. Exclusive discounts (business Co-existence Priviledge)
5. Access to Socialize with Prestigious members of the society
6. Business franchise
Success does'nt just happen , it takes for those who take ACTION!

CALL ME @ 09204873579




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