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Insights on emerging innovation

Where will the next wave of innovation come from?
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<>“Entrepreneurs will continue to give birth to great businesses, and nonprofits will continue striving to build a better society.  But the people changing the world today are as likely to be in corporate cubicles and conference rooms as in Silicon Valley or at social impact conferences,” he said.


However, Anthony warned that not all corporate environments are conducive to such innovation.  For mission-driven individuals or ‘corporate catalysts” to flourish, companies need to embrace open innovation, approach innovation systematically, simplify and decentralize decision-making mechanisms, and be learning-focused and failure-tolerant.


Minette Navarrete, President of Kickstart, sees Globe Telecom’s creation of Kickstart Ventures Inc. as an example of one such corporate catalyst. Through Kickstart, Globe has a separate subsidiary embracing the entrepreneurial community and providing aspiring technopreneurs with the necessary support mechanisms for them to start their own business.


“Scott’s theory, identifying a group’s mission and mandate, with its corresponding culture and norms, as “Corporate Catalysts,” illustrates how companies like ours can help drive the start, as well as scaling up, of innovation from outside the corporation.  By supporting startups and allowing them access to platforms of Globe which are usually open only to large established companies, we create a community of trust and a culture of collaboration: these can only be good for creating a more innovative Philippines” said Minette Navarrete, President of Kickstart.



As an active incubator-accelerator in the Philippines, Kickstart provides selected startups with tools needed to build and test their ideas, seed funding for faster execution, one-on-one mentorship from experts in various fields, and introductions to partner companies within the Globe, Singtel, and Ayala networks in the Philippines and abroad to help them scale bigger.


Kickstart recently kicked off the Launchgarage program with partner Proudcloud, a leading web engineering firm founded by Jay Fajardo. Through Launchgarage, Kickstart and Proudcloud provide an intensive support program for even early-stage companies needing support to get started and build momentum.  Qualified applicants, called “garageheads,” will be announced end-September; with the incubation program starting this October.


The theories presented by Anthony will be the main focus of the 2nd Kickstart Startup Mixer on September 25 at the Executive Lounge of Ayala Tower One in Makati City.  The forum is organized by incubator-accelerator Kickstart Ventures, Inc. to get the Philippine startup community together and discuss subjects relevant to startup founders.  Kickstart is a wholly-owned subsidiary of leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom.


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