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Insights on emerging innovation

Where will the next wave of innovation come from?
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 Well sought-after strategic advisor and writer, Scott D. Anthony, is set to visit the Philippines this September to engage the local startup community in a lively discussion on the role of big companies vis-à-vis entrepreneurs in enabling innovation.


Anthony is a leading expert on innovation, having authored four books on innovation and advised companies around the world. Anthony also works as managing director of Innosight Asia-Pacific in Singapore and leads its Asian consulting operations and venture-capital investment activities.


Anthony’s article published by Harvard Business Review, The New Corporate Garage, sparked an online discussion among startup founders who debated the position that the next wave of innovation will be driven from inside large corporations.  Some pointed out the role of corporations as customers, suppliers, sponsors and partners, creating the critical support system that enables startups to scale. Others averred that in the current economic environment, the courage and creativity required for disruptive innovation remain the preserve of independent entrepreneurs.  Many founders also exchanged views about whether working, partnering, or accepting investment from big corporations is tantamount to “selling out.”



In “The New Corporate Garage,” Anthony assumes that the world is shifting to a new, fourth era of innovation where progressive corporations marry the assets and capabilities of large enterprises with entrepreneurial behaviors to enable more impactful innovation to thrive in the marketplace.


Anthony pointed out that innovation now increasingly involves creating business models that tap the unique strengths of big companies as he noted that the world is entering a new era of innovation, in which entrepreneurial individuals within big companies are using the resources, scale, and growing agility of their companies to develop solutions to global challenges in ways that few others can. 


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