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(LOOK) Mami Pakyaw, Wash Me Nei Nei and 20 Other Funny Pinoy Business Names

Pinoy wit and humor at its best
By Glen Concio |


When it comes to funny and creative business names, it seems Filipinos will never run out of ideas. Here are more funny business establishments we've compiled, some from reader contributions and others we saw on social media. 


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1. Biglang Gwapo



2. Burger Matsing



3. Cina Von



4. Dayuhin Mo Ako!



5. Facebool



6. Hilo & Stitch



7. I Love Pares



8. Kini Litsonan ni Rogers



9. Mami Pakyaw



10. McDollibee



11. Mex & Match



12. Spotifries



13. Starbuhoks



14. Storebucks



15. Summa Cum Laundry



16. Tea Li Ling



17. Tubo Ko



18. Wash Me Nei-Nei



19. Facebar



20. Lash Wishes



21. Overdoughs



22. Foot for the Gods






Glen Concio is Entrepreneur PH's art director

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