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Home-based business idea: How to cook kwek-kwek

One of the most popular types of street food across the country is comprised of quail eggs with unique and tasty coating. If you want to learn how to cook kwek-kwek for the home-based food cart you are planning to put up, here’s how.
By Entrepreneur Staff |

Kwek-kwek is a favorite Filipino street food snack because it is tasty, affordable and filling. The snack is also a great way to earn extra money since it is easy to make and the ingredients are readily available in local markets. Just set up a stand outside your house or an area where many people pass by and you can start your own fledgling food business on the cheap.

A stick of kwek-kwek with four pieces of quail eggs usually sells for around P20. contributor Lessie Galindo shows us a version of kwek-kwek to get you started in the video below. Feel free to tweak the recipe according to your tastes since each kwek-kwek stand is known for how they mix their own batter and dips.

For the video and recipe, scroll below:


•    2 mixing bowls for the batter and the sauce
•    Measuring cups (1/4 and 1/8)
•    Measuring spoons
•    Teaspoons
•    Pot to boil quail eggs
•    Sauce pan or a wok to fry kwek-kwek
•    Sauce pan to cook the sauce
•    Serving bowls
•    Tongs
•    Slotted spoon or anything that can get the eggs out of the pan without too much oil
•    Drainer 


For the kwek-kwek:

•    24 quail eggs
•    Enough cooking oil for deep frying

Coating batter:

•    ¼ cup corn starch
•    ¼ cup All Purpose Flour
•    ¼ cup water
•    ¼ teaspoon iodized salt
•    1 teaspoon white sugar
•    Orange food color or annatto powder, enough to get the desired color

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