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10 business ideas for the summer

By KC Calpo |

The mercury continues to rise to unbearable heights, school\\\'s out for two and a half months, and popular vacation destinations around the world seem to be calling everyone by name. Yep, the summer season is definitely here! While the first thought that often comes to mind is to head out of the city for some R&R, summer\\\'s also the perfect time for budding entrepreneurs to experiment and find ways to make money with seasonal trends.


And with the kids and teens free from school obligations, you can start a small, time-limited business and get your children to participate at the same time! This will give you that precious opportunity to bond with them, make their summer a memorable one, and teach them about finances and the value of hard work.


Since summer doesn\\\'t last that long, any small business you start during the season (and plan to end when the rains come in) shouldn\\\'t require a large amount of capital, and be the perfect fit for what consumers usually look for at this time of the year. Working with what you already have at home or banking on your existing skills and interests would help cut down costs even further.



We came up with 10 business ideas that you and your children and/or friends can get into — and call for low to reasonable investments.

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