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10 businesses you can start today

Start your business now!
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Starting a business can be pretty daunting for a lot of people, especially when the topic is already about getting the capital to fund it. Risking a few hundred thousand or a million pesos is no joke, after all.

Whether as a sideline or a home-based business, listed down 10 ideas that can start your entrepreneurial career without spending a lot.

1. Desktop publishing
Not everyone can make a decent flyer or brochure armed only with desktop publishing software and templates readily available from store shelves. So if you have the required talent, skill and creativity—and a high-quality printer—you can make brochures and other marketing collaterals for individual or corporate clients.

2. Virtual assistant
Virtual assistants provide administrative and business support to businesses that do not need in-house employees for tasks like taking and returning telephone calls, sifting through e-mail, and other administrative tasks related to customer service. This is basically a remote receptionist service customized according to the client’s needs.

3. Internet research
This consists of doing Internet research for corporations, law firms and other companies. This is not simply googling—the Internet researcher must have library research skills and be knowledgeable about how to access databases and other information sources on the Web.

4. Tutoring
This is great for work-at-home moms and college students who need to earn money on the side. Potential clients are foreigners who want to hone their command of the English language, and grade school and even high school students who need help with their schoolwork.

5. Arts & Crafts
Create your own unique product lines and sell them online. Aside from creativity and the skill for crafts, the online craft maker and seller must possess sales and e-commerce savvy.

6. Making gift baskets
Aside from selling goods online, how about packaging them in attractive gift baskets? Organizations are always looking for corporate giveaways, so it is important to put the word out there about your business.

7. Image consultant
If you have a strong sense of style and possess knowledge of personalities and communication, try image consulting as a home-based business. The image consultant must sincerely want to help others achieve their goals through a positive self-image.

8. Party planner
Dreaming of becoming an event planner? You can start small by being a children’s party planner. The primary requirement for this job is love for children and planning. Develop themes for party favors, décor, costumes and menu, in order to offer varied choices to your potential clients.  

9. Herb farming
With more people turning to organic food, small-time herb farming may just be your ticket to breaking into the food market. Start with growing herbs—basil, oregano, tarragon and others—at home. Herbs can be grown all year round, in sunny rooms or greenhouses. There is a healthy demand both for fresh and dried herbs.

10. Stock photography business
Who says only big agencies can undertake this business? If you can take decent photos, are Internet savvy and have a modicum of marketing skills, this business has great potential returns for you. Many media companies are looking for affordable and unique stock photos that they can use for their publications.


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