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10 Filipino products you can be proud of [Part 1]

Be inspired!
By Carlo P. Mallo |

The product that you are thinking of selling now can be the next big thing that will come from our country. Who knew that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be sleeping in a Philippine-made bed?

[related|post]Take  a look at first half of the 10 local products that have gone beyond the country’s shores and made Filipinos proud.

1. Voyager Bed
The Voyager Bed took Cebu-based furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue on a voyage to the showrooms of the world’s design capitals. His ingenious use of local and natural materials, and skill in finding inspiration anywhere, placed Philippine furniture on the map—as well as in celebrities’ bedrooms. Even Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt, has one.

2. San Miguel Beer
If Singapore has Tiger, the Philippines has San Miguel Beer. The beer has lasted more than 100 years and continues to be the leading brand in the country. Aside from the beer-drinking Filipinos, San Miguel Beer is also a much-loved brand abroad. Yes, even in Germany, where beer is said to have originated. Drink to that.


3. Piña Barong
The barong may be an influence of Spanish colonization but it is one of the most ecologically friendly formal wear anywhere in the world. Made out of pineapple fiber, the barong is made from the by-product of pineapple plantations in the country. The intricate details on the barong also manifest Filipinos’ love for beauty.

4. Celestina Clutch
A Celestina clutch is not just a clutch bag. It is a masterpiece crafted to perfection by Filipino artists. Adorned with the best locally sourced embellishments like capiz, mother of pearl, and glass beads, the clutch has become one of the trademarks of Filipino design.

5. Bananas
If you’ve ever been to Japan, China, or Korea and marveled at their bananas—their spotless golden hue, sweet flavor, and soft texture—think of the Philippines because that’s where they came from. The country’s golden fruit, Philippine bananas are being exported to nearly all countries in the world.


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