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10 gourmet products that will inspire you to start a food business

Great finds and inspiration from Midnight Mercato
By Carlo P. Mallo |

If Filipinos\\\' love for food is not enough to get you started in the food business, then an experience at the night food market at Midnight Mercato in Taguig City might just do the trick.

From the ordinary treats to outright quirky gastronomic delights, the food market organized by TV host and columnist RJ Ledesma, food blogger Anton Diaz and entrepreneur Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva, and their respective spouses, is not only a haven for foodies but also for the enterprising Filipino who is a whiz in the kitchen.

"A lot of the vendors have recipes that they think will be a hit to the market, so they can start by joining the night food market," Ledesma told "It is also through the night food market that they get to experience what it’s really like to be an entrepreneur--from marketing, sales and finance, you have to do it."

The entrepreneurial training provided by the night food market does not stop there. Being in an environment everyone is selling food, vendors also get trained on how they can make their products to stand out in a crowd of other food sellers.

"Some vendors just sit in their booths expecting the customers to come to them, while you will see others who are really aggressive in going around and giving samples of their products. Others would even call out to buyers and explain what their product is all about," said Ledesma.

Midnight Mercato is definitely a busy space where dozens of sellers converge on Friday and Saturday nights. Here are products from Mercato that will inspire you to conduct your own experiment in the kitchen and, hopefully, in the marketplace.


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