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10 Mobile Marketing trends in 2011

Mobile phones become more than just a gadget for calls and text
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With the ubiquitous cellular phone becoming smarter and smarter, mobile marketing has gained some solid footing this year. No longer is the mobile phone just a calling and SMS device, it has become a source of entertainment, an acceptable and handy replacement for a netbook or a laptop and all other things that we need in a modern world.

And as mobile marketing is increasingly becoming popular, the  Mobile Marketing Association has come up with their top 10 industry predictions for mobile marketing in the Asia Pacific region.

“Recent industry reports from InMobi and Synovate have revealed that consumers are showing a greater inclination towards receiving mobile advertising and marketing messages,” Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director, MMA Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., said. “The global mobile advertising market is expected to grow to $13 to $14 billion in 2011 and Asia Pacific is expected to bring in the majority of this revenue followed by North America and Europe." [Read about mobile ads becoming popular in Asia here]


Here are the 10 predictions for mobile marketing in 2011:

1. Personalization and privacy will increase effectiveness and credibility of the mobile media as a marketing channel

As mobile technology continues to evolve, mobile marketing messages will become increasingly personalized.

Additionally, the adoption of transparent, permission-based marketing along with the introduction of regulations and applications for blocking unwanted content will help overcome the perception that mobile advertising is nothing but spam. Mobile will be the only truly conversational and measurable medium that can lead to an actual, real-time increase in business-to-consumer transactions.

2. Over the top services will drive data usage

On-deck operator ad revenues will be overshadowed by over the top application-based, value-added services revenues. These services will help create mobile inventory and enable greater mobile ad spend. Telecom service providers will be forced to review their publishing business investments and plans.

 3. Free SMS/free video/free phone calls will be available across devices


Applications like WhatsApp and Viber are already allowing free SMS and calls from mobile devices. More such applications will be entering the market, making these basic mobile features available free of cost across devices.  There will also be an increase in mobile video consumption. The introduction of new ad units, including interactive and partial screen, will subsidize free content. [Read about Globe Telecom\\\'s mobile advertising service here]

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