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10 sideline businesses to do this Christmas counts down to Christmas with 10 business sidelines that you can do every week
By Carlo P. Mallo |

Christmas is only less than two months away and the anticipation continues to increase as the most festive occasion in the Philippines  comes nearer with each passing day.


As Christmas cheer begins to creep in, is coming out with  a weekly list of money-making ventures during this special season. Besides brining good cheer, the Christmas season is one of the high points of the country’s economy  owing to the increased spending.

As such, there is no other holiday which can provide business opportunities the same way Christmas in the Philippines does. This weekly list will bring you  business ideas that you can start at very minimal costs right in your own neighborhood or office.


This first list will feature  business ideas that busy office employees  may find easy to do during this season:


1.    Make thy pastries. Banking on the family recipes, Leo, a teacher, plans on making the family’s much-loved leche flan during the holidays and sell it to his neighbors and friends.


2.    Sell to your officemates. “My friends and officemates all have sweet tooth and in time with the holiday season, I will be selling brownies and tarts during the holidays.” –Maika, media relations associate.


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