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10 sideline businesses to do this Christmas counts down to Christmas with 10 business sidelines that you can do every week
By Carlo P. Mallo |

3.    Use your creativity. As a graphic artist, Jane plans on designing personalized gift tags for the holidays.


4.    Personalize. “The Christmas Cards at the stores sometimes lack warmth, so a personalized card business just for the holidays will be a good venture.” –Serena, fresh graduate


5.    It’s all in the Family. Collins, an artist, thinks that taking family photos during the holiday season will be a good venture even as the tradition is popular in western countries.

6.    Chocolate Trimmings. “Since its Christmas, everyone would want to feel the Christmas spirit and chocolate crinkles covered in sweet confectionery will be a sure hit.” –Peter, staff writer.

7.    Bite-Size. Health cookies, an alternative to the traditional sweet treats of Christmas is what Alex, a copy editor, plans to sell during the cold December month.

8.    Yuletide Fashion. “Party dresses will be sure-hit as everyone will have a lot of parties to go to during the holiday season. And since it will be sold at affordable prices, more people can avail of the products.” –Maureen, designer.


9.    Christmas Trimmings. “Even before, I have always done scrapbooks for friends and people who want to give away a very personalized gift. And during this holiday season, I will be accepting orders for scrapbooks.” –Portia, editorial assistant.

10.    Office Giveaways. Personalized note pads, personalized pens and  calendars are just some of  the products that Noel, a creative director, plans to do as his sideline business during the holiday season.


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