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10 simple tips to boost security for your device

Ensure that your device remains secure.
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<>7. Disable IPv6, AirPort and Bluetooth when not needed. Turn off connectivity services when not in use, or when not required. These include IPv6, AirPort and Bluetooth --- three services that can be used as entry points for hacker attacks.

8. Enable full disk encryption (MacOS X 10.7+) or FileVault. In MacOS X Lion, Apple updated their encryption solution (FileVault) and added full disk encryption. Now known as “FileVault 2,” this has the advantage of securing the entire disk instead of just your home folder and can be very useful if your laptop gets stolen.

9. Upgrade Adobe Reader to version “10” or later. Adobe Reader is also a preferred target of cybercriminals. Version 10 includes numerous security enhancements which make it a lot safer than any previous versions.

10. Install a good security solution. It is no longer true that “Macs do not get viruses.” After six years, the situation has changed considerably. The Flashback trojan which appeared in September 2011 caused a huge outbreak in March 2012, which amounted for over half a million infected users worldwide. Thus, a security solution is absolutely required for any Mac user.


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