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10 tech trends to expect in 2012

See the list of tech trends to expect in the near future.
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Isaac Newton once said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. " The future rests on what we achieve today.

[related|post]To survive and excel in a competitive business environment, an aspiring entreprenuer must be willing to find new solutions to old problems. One way of staying ahead of everyone else is to embrace the latest technology available for your business. It can help you not only save money but more importantly time in the long run if you are aware of the best practices in the industry.

As we close an exciting 2011, here\\\'s hoping that 2012 will only get better not just for business but also for technology. Thomas Kang, at Strategy Analytics, made his predictions during the BlackBerry DevCon Asia.


He predicts a world where your laptop is connected to your TV, your smartphone is connected to your fridge and your tablet is connected to your cars. There will be no need for different gadgets just used for one specific purpose.

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