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10 things to make you a sales standout

Here are 10 ways on how you can stand out from the crowd.
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There are many people who are into sales these days - but how would you distinguish yourself or your staff from the rest of the pack? listed down 10 ways on how you can make yourself, your staff, or even your company stand out from all the others.

• Develop the right attitude. People have this great fear of rejection. Many are discouraged by it, but some rise above it to become champions.

Build skills. Skills are your door to opportunities. You can build your skills by seeking knowledge and continuously educating yourself.

Look for new avenues of growth. After developing your skills, seek ways of putting them to good use. Great salespeople are always on the lookout for new opportunities and ways to improve the business.

Set targets. “I want to professionalize selling by training more competent and effective salespeople,” says Dioscorro Garing Jr, owner of Salesman Center. He has already trained 800,000 salesmen, but he’s looking to top one million in a few years’ time.

Develop a close relationship with your clients. “When a client is your friend, he will make a loyal customer,” says Garing.

Build networks. Meeting people is a good way to gain new clients. Garing was participating in a convention when he met the real estate developer who offered him a marketing consultancy.

Deliver what you promise. Good results are the best advertisements for your product or service. Garing offers a money-back guarantee to clients not satisfied with his service.

Learn how to market your product. Sales is the lifeblood of any business.

Always be on the lookout for  opportunities. “I studied the sales industry and noticed that there was no one offering training to sales agents,” says Garing. He did.

Be brave. You’ll never know if your plan will succeed unless you try it. Give it everything you’ve got and your chances of success will be better.

Dioscorro Garing Jr.

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