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10 tips to stand out from other merchants

Attracting the brain to buy your products is as easy as following these 10 steps
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Christmas shopping is just about to reach its peak as families and friends all over the country celebrate Christmas this weekend. [Learn 10 sideline businesses you can do this Christmas here]

Market leader, NeuroFocus Inc., a company that brings neuroscience expertise to advertising, branding, product development and packaging, and entertainment, shared 10 ways on how your store, products, and display can be more engaging to the human brain.

The barrage of holiday messaging that comes with the holiday rush is often perceived by the brain as noise, overwhelming it with the clutter of competing messages and displays, the brain tunes out all but the most clear and relevant ideas. [See five easy steps to secure a mall spot here]

Here are 10 ways to stand out from the rest of the mob:
1. Resist the temptation to overwhelm the senses.

Especially for Grandma and Grandpa, whose brains have to work harder to suppress sensory clutter, it pays to  minimize distractions. When using music, scents, and sounds, keep them soothing and pleasant for the Boomer brain.
2. Use mirror neuron activation to pull consumers in to your space.


Mirror neuron activation is what happens when you see someone doing something — such as drinking a glass of eggnog—and the part of your brain that would be activated if you yourself were drinking eggnog, is also activated.  Women’s brains in particular respond to mirror neuron activation.

3. Parting with money triggers pain activation in the brain.

Make sure your salespeople are as polite and friendly as possible during the holiday rush to make this process less  painful for the beleaguered shopping brain. [Read about Web shopping and its increasing popularity in Asia here]

4. Be judicious in your use of red.

It is a very powerful color and will trigger a strong response.

5. Keep the sharp edges hidden, when possible.

These trigger an avoidance response in the brain, and during the holiday frenzy, this is the last thing the brain wants to encounter. Rounded corners and softened edges put the brain at ease so the focus can be on your products.


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