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10 ways to reduce your business\\\' carbon footprint

Save on costs while saving the environment
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Having a successful company may be your top priority right now, but keep in mind that even busy entrepreneurs have responsibilities to save and protect the environment.

Here are ways to reduce your carbon footprint, or the total amount of greenhouse gases produced by your company\\\'s operations.

1. Switch from incandescent to CFL. CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) use only 25 percent of the energy consumed by incandescent light bulbs without compromising the amount of light produced. CFL also lasts eight times longer.

2. Use efficient air-conditioning units. The higher your air-conditioning units\\\' Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) are, the lesser energy they consume.

3. Opt for LCD monitors. Using five times lesser electricity than ordinary cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors, liquid crystal display (LCD) ones are more practical for your company\\\'s computer units.

4. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use. Something as simple as turning off your air-con one hour before you leave the office (or during lunch breaks) saves up to 100 kilowatt-hours a month.

5. Learn the value of unplugging. Certain appliances consume electricity even after they are turned off, so might as well unplug them altogether.

6. Plan your building wisely. Sensibly plan your location and benefit from the environment\\\'s natural advantages. Less sunlight and heat entering your building saves on cooling costs.

7. Make use of natural light. Place windows strategically to allow access of natural light.

8. Minimize transportation. As much as possible, source your raw materials and ingredients from local suppliers to cut down carbon consumption.

9. Remember the 3 Rs. Practice proper waste management by following the Recycle-Reduce-Reuse rule.

10. Educate your co-workers. It is best to acquaint your employees or co-workers with these energy-saving tips to achieve grand results.


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