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12 technology forecasts for 2011

Aside from the tablet, there will be 11 more gadgets that will rule this year
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New technologies and trends in 2011 will create new experiences for the consumers, whether you are the businessman who is always on the go, an entrepreneur who juggles meetings with suppliers, or pervasive computing. As users, we will have a choice among various devices and technologies that provides the best experience for our intended use. Technologies that we see in 2011 will be smarter, more powerful, and more useful. Below are Intel’s predictions for some of the technology trends we anticipate in 2011. [Read about customized software for your business here]

Smart TV Experience Gets Real

We expect a large number of TV, digital set-top box and other consumer electronics companies to enter the Smart TV market.  By the end of 2011, these companies should be able to gauge the consumer acceptance of Smart TV.

 2.       Tablet Mania, “Hybrid-ization”

Tablet computing, in a multitude of form factors and operating systems, will inundate the market. We expect to also see new hybrid devices that provide a combination of the best of netbooks with the best of tablets, like an Intel-based Dell prototype unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum or the new 11-inch Macbook Air. [Read about the PLDT Telpad changing the landline industry here]


 3.      Strong Laptop Sales 

Laptops sales will continue to grow strongly due to a variety of new HD and graphics-related features for consumers including wireless display to beam content to TVs. Enterprise refresh cycles and an improving economy will also support strong laptop sales.

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