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12 traditions for a prosperous New Year

The first day of the year symbolizes new beginnings.
By Yvette Tan |

There is an excitement over the start of a New Year. Aside from being a holiday, the first day of the year symbolizes new beginnings. It gives us the mental chance to start fresh. Because of this, people place great importance on how January 1 is spent.


[related|post]Filipinos, who have a tendency to be superstitious “just in case” the belief holds true, have a list of practices to be observed before Bagong Taon. That, coupled with influence from the Chinese, who are pretty superstitious themselves, equals a whole lot of beliefs on how to spend January 1 so that the rest of the year is blessed and fruitful, which are, of course, different ways of saying prosperous. Here are 12 traditions that Filipinos practice during the New Year. Most of these practices apply to the household, and by extension, their businesses as well.


Making New Year\\\'s Resolutions


Many cultures around the world take part in the grand tradition of making a list of things they promise to change about themselves the following year, and then proceed to practice the even grander tradition of breaking each of those promises. While the idea of creating a list of New Year\\\'s resolutions is a good idea, it will only work if you actually follow through with them. To up your chances of sticking to your promises, start small and make sure that they are concrete and manageable so that you aren\\\'t overwhelmed. Instead of saying “I will lower business spending,” for example, say “I will cut down on the electric bill by requesting that customers turn off bathroom lights after use.”





Firecrackers make a pretty sight on a dark night. According to local belief, the bright lights and loud explosions also keep away ghosts and spirits that would otherwise wreak havoc on your life—and business. You don’t have to buy yourself a whole light show, not unless you want to. The wonderful thing about New Year is that everyone will have a neighbor or relative who’s going to bust out the bright stuff, so all you have to do is watch and let the lights drive bad juju away.


Making Loud Noises


The New Year is commonly welcomed by loud noises, be it party favors to blaring car horns. Aside from welcoming the first day of the New Year, loud noises are also said to drive away the spirits of misfortune. If you do decide to practice this, remember to be considerate to your neighbors, who may not like the noise. Also avoid turning celebration into noise pollution by not going over the traditional 5-15 minutes of noisemaking.



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