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2 ways to keep the momentum of success

Avoid these two "success killers."
By Jopet Pedroso |

Amazing success in network marketing happens to less than 1 percent of those who attempt it. But those who do achieve success get to transform their lives from ordinary to magical! So what do the other 99 percent need to be aware of to improve their success rate?

They need to watch out for attitudes that silently rob them of success. These attitudes have a way of preventing us from performing our best actions, therefore preventing us from achieving our best results. I call them Success Killers.

Success Killer No. 1: Procrastination
When you listen to business opportunity presentations, you can’t help but be excited. They probably have the best motivational speakers who can actually show you how to succeed. After the seminar, you go home, sleep, wake up the next day and say: “When I the have spare time, I’m going to give that network marketing business a try.”  You just killed your success without knowing it.


To keep the momentum going, write down five small steps that you need to do in the next 48 hours that will help you start your business.

These steps could be as simple as making a list of 20 people you want to be part of your team, writing down the income that you would like to reach for the year and what you would do with that sort of money, and talking to your sponsor on how to start a network.

Making this to-do list prevents you from doing tomorrow what you can do now. Remember, big success is achieved through baby steps.

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