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2 ways to register your trademark for overseas use

Two ways to register your trademark in other countries
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Businesses looking to expand their reach to foreign markets should consider registering their trademark for overseas use.


Trademarks registered in the Philippines are only valid within the country. Filipino exporters can benefit from protecting their international trademark because it makes it easier for their products to stand out in a foreign market and allow the company build an image and reputation.


According to the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, there are two ways to accomplish this:


1.  Via the national route


Your business may apply to the trademark office of each country in which it is seeking protection by filing the corresponding application in the required language and paying the fees. For this, a country may require you to use the services of a locally-based trademark agent for this.


2. Via the regional route


If you wish to apply for protection in countries which are members of a regional trademark system you may apply for registration which applies in the territories of all member countries.   



You can file an application to the regional trademark offices below: 


a. The African Regional Industrial Property Office


b. The Benelux Trademark Office


c. The Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market of the European Union


d. The Organisation Africaine dela Propriete Intellectuelle


e. The Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks


It is advisable to hire a trademark agent to help process the registration which may add costs but will save you time  and energy in the long run.


For more information on registering your trademark in the Philippines, check out the Intellectual Property Center web site at


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