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3 business books to start the New Year

Here are book recommendations to get you started for 2012.
By Carlo P. Mallo |

Christmas is over and suddenly you have more time in your hands than you could have imagined. With all the spare time you have in your hands, now is the time to catch up on some reading that will not only keep you busy during idle hours, but can actually help you as an entrepreneur – whether you are still aspiring or you are already an established businessman. gathered three books which will not only help you become a better entrepreneur but also fun to read.


Passion & Purpose

By John Coleman, Daniel Gulati, and W. Oliver Segovia

This book is best for those who do not just want their business to earn profit but also want to make the world a better place through their business. The book is a compilation of stories that shows how one small business can change the outlook of a community or even that of a nation. Also, the book shows the growing trend among young entrepreneurs who think beyond profit for themselves but see business as an opportunity to actually alleviate poverty, and not just to enrich themselves.


Productive Pinoy

By Yeng Remulla

What makes a Filipino entrepreneur different from other entrepreneurs? It’s what Yeng Remulla answers in this book. An entrepreneur himself, Remulla talks about some of the Filipino traits and values that shapes how business is done here in the country. From the infamous Filipino time to takaw-mata the book takes you through wit and humor about the Filipino entrepreneur.


The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR

By Al Ries and Laura Ries

Discover how you can launch your brand or product, or even revive it without actually placing an advertisement. Learn how brands like Zara, Coca-Cola, Tide, Viagra, and many others became what they are now with the help of well-planned and masterfully crafted public relation skills. Also, understand why PR is actually better for your brand than a multi-billion ad placement.

3 business books to read during the holidays

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