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3 elements of an effective sales proposal

Things to remember in crafting an effective sales proposal
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Knowing how to create a winning sales proposal is very important for surviving in today’s highly competitive business environment.

A well-written sales proposal will help convince a prospective client that your product or service corresponds to the needs of his business.

Here are some guidelines on how to grab your client’s attention:

1.    Research

Search for the article about the prospect company in newspapers, magazines, and the internet. According to Barry Farber, an entrepreneur, consultant and author of various sales and marketing  books, most company websites are filled with information on product lines, plans for the future, and key personnel. This information can help in knowing what are the needs of this particular prospect client.


2.    Customize

A lot of sales proposals end up in the trash bin or in the shredder. So how would one get prospect clients to lay aside other issues and pick up your proposal? Write a proposal that satisfies the client’s needs, not one that sells the products or services. Focus on how your product would benefit the customer rather than what your product or service is. Come up with reasons for the client to try your product or service, and show him how your offering is superior over those of the competition.



3.    Make it concise

According to Ricardo de Vera, chairman emeritus of the Philippine Marketing Association, the central focus of making a sales proposal is to deliver a specific message to the prospect.

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