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3 ideas to keep your employees healthy

Healthy employees are more productive
By Carlo P. Mallo |

Every HR person knows that a healthy employee is a happy and more productive employee. But why is that a lot of companies are so taxing on the health of their employees?

Telus International Philippines, a business process outsourcing company, is not part of that lot.

While most outsourcing companies are not usually associated with healthy workplaces, Telus International Philippines has been implementing a series of activities that focuses on the health of their employees.

“We understand the pressure of working as a call center agent that we utilize a number of different approaches to address work-related tension,” Telus International Philippines president Javier Infante said.

To promote healthy lifestyle among their employees, Telus International has these three programs which aim to improve the physical, emotional, and social well-being:
1. Healthy Living Sportsfest

The sportsfest, which was launched in June and will close in August, was the kick-off of the company’s wellness and healthy living campaign. The opening ceremony was attended by senior management and hundreds of team members who cheered for their favorite basketball and volleyball teams. It also features other games such as badminton and cheering competition.
2. Health is Wealth Program


Another program of Tellus is the Health is Wealth program. Pantries across all TIP sites serve healthy meals and snacks to their employees. The menu is displayed with nutritional facts and food trivia to educate team members about the importance of eating healthy meals.
3. Indoor gym and basketball court

It does not only take having a healthy diet to live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and physical activities are also helpful in getting in good shape. For this, an in-house gym and an open basketball court were constructed at Telus-Araneta for the employees to enjoy. At the indoor gym, free fitness classes and personal training sessions are made available to their employees, who can visit the gym on their free times. They can also play basketball games at the newly constructed outdoor basketball court near the fitness center as part of the facility.

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