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3 trends that will peak in the next decade

Are you in or out?
By Lex Ledesma |

The book A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink notes that with the advent of outsourcing, those careers that used to rake in bigger salaries--accountants, lawyers and other those held by other professionals--are now being done for companies by people halfway around the world, for considerably less pay. Given this scenario, the more valuable jobs now are those that cannot be outsourced, those that cannot be done by a computer, and those that strike an emotional chord in people.

The Filipino entrepreneur is perfectly primed to compete in this new, global environmen--we are one of the most creative races in the world. Evidence of this is the fact that advertising agencies, magazines, and TV networks in Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia are packed with Filipinos. If you look at our countrymen who have made it big abroad, most of them have succeeded in design-related and artistic fields.

Our future as a country could very well be in the hands of those who could leverage their innovative natures and turn these into groundbreaking businesses.

As we enter the next decade, here are some trends that entrepreneurs would do well to latch on.


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