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3 unique dining ideas you can learn from Papa J\\\'s Wiches \\\'n Wings

How innovation helps you stand out
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For many restaurants, the dining experience revolves around the ambiance and the menu. For Papa J’s Wiches ‘n Wings, the experience focuses on three things: plastic gloves, chili flakes, and the sizzling plate.

“Papa J’s started as a small food cart business, offering a quick and quality snack service that offers healthy sandwich meals. Until the business grew and we partnered our signature best seller sandwiches with chicken wings,” said Jaworski Garcia, the man behind Papa J.

A native of Tondo, Garcia grew up as a determined kid with great dreams. His business venture dates back to his years in elementary when he started selling sandwiches to finance his schooling.

But the success of his business is not dependent on his perseverance alone, but also on the three unique dining experiences that his restaurant offers.

1. Plastic gloves
Papa J’s serve diners plastic gloves to eat the chicken wings, which according to Papa Jay is the most delicious part of a chicken. “With this, our diners get to enjoy eating chicken ‘to the bones!” said Garcia, who believes that the best way to eat chicken is with one’s hands.

2.  Spicy desserts
It’s not the usual chili ice cream that one expects from gourmet restaurants. Their version of the chili ice cream is simpler: a scoop of strawberry ice cream topped with a spoonful of chili flakes creates an entirely new experience for diners at Papa J’s.

3. Sizzling plate
Served on a hot sizzling plate, the sizzling brownie with ice cream, on the other hand, is literally a hot and sweet treat.

Papa J’s Wiches ‘n Wings
(63) 9165228765 or (63) 9209898578.


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