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3 ways to clinch that sale

Change your perspective and make that sale.
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It’s a tough market out there, but with the right perspective, selling retail can be a breeze for you. listed down three ways on how you can clinch a sale.

• Beat a cold greeting. Many retail salespeople struggle with the “I’m just browsing” rebuff. The question, “Have you shopped with us before?” is an opportunity to reveal the customers knowledge of your product line. One thing you have to know is why a shopper came into the store. If a customer says ‘I’m just looking,’ well, what is she looking for? You have to try to trigger their interests.

• Think for the customer. Once the customers’ interest is triggered, you can start a dressing room and selects an outfit based on that one item. Don’t consider yourself as a mere salesclerk. Be a wardrobe consultant if you have to be. Take notes on each customer after a sale, and then follow up with a call or a handwritten note.

• Attack the sack. You should see opportunity in returns, a philosophy the retail industry calls “attacking the sack.” It helps you find out what doesn’t work for the customer and find a solution, which could be another color, another size or another look. Nine times out of 10, if they bought once, they’ll buy again.


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