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3 ways to develop an excellent workplace

Shell retailer Eva Tan shares tips on developing an excellent staff.
By Carlo P. Mallo |

“With the right people, the business can run on its own,” Tan said. “One thing that businessmen should never forget is that a good service can only be provided by a happy employee.”

Tan cited three devices  to bring out the best in your staff:

1.    Teach them well

“In gasoline stations, most of the people that we hire are those who have little education or experience. But with the proper training and mentoring, they can very professional in the service that they render for the company,” Tan said, adding that there can be nothing more rewarding than receiving feedback that you have a very “professional” staff.

2.    Set the goals

“With the way we run our company, we make sure that the staff are very much part in the planning and they know what the goals are. If they know what targets there are, they will also strive to help the company achieve them. It’s important that they know where the company is headed so they feel part of it instead of being detached,” Tan said.

3.    Safety nets


“Even if we have been working with the staff for some time already, we still make sure that there are safety nets put in place. Always remember that these are also people. Do not allow them to be tempted. With our business, as well as other businesses, pilferage is common. But we placed checkpoints in the various processes and our staff knows that there are checkpoints, which act as deterrents for them to do anything untoward,” Tan said.


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