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4 factors to consider when staffing your canteen biz

Selecting your staff for your canteen business is as important as building your network of suppliers.
By Entrepreneur Staff |
4 factors to consider when staffing your canteen biz

Staffing a canteen is of the same importance as getting the right suppliers. Because a canteen is a service-oriented business, its operator must hire the right people for the job. The people you need for your canteen may not have the highest levels of education: however, there are particular qualities they must meet.

A canteen business requires people who have a positive attitude, good behavior and pleasing personality says Marie Paz Pineda, owner of M.P.Enterprises. These qualities may be difficult to ascertain during the hiring process, says Annie Valdez, who runs canteens in two campuses of the San Beda College.

It is therefore important to look into applicants’ previous employment, and their reason for leaving the previous job. “From their biodata, you would see how often they change jobs, an indicator of whether the person would stay long enough with your company,” she says.


1. Honesty and Capacity for Work

Since canteen employees handle money and have access to all kinds of stocks, honesty is a must. “We don’t give second chances when it comes to breaches in honesty,” says Valdez.


Since the main job of employees in a canteen is to serve hungry people, they must move fast and efficiently, whether serving customers, cooking or clearing the tables.  This is not only an indicator of diligence; you can also test their attentiveness and patience in dealing with customers in such situations.

2. Healthy Crew

A food concessionaire must also ascertain an applicant’s health. This is non-negotiable since a sick server could easily pass on diseases to customers. Food service crew members should obtain health certificates from a medical doctor saying that they are fit to work in food establishments.


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