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4 signs of a good property investment

What you should look for before investing
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Owning your first real estate property is every person’s dream. Whether it is to be turned into your own residence or as an investment, having your own property is a commitment that every person eventually makes.

But not all property developments are created equal, and neither are they all wise investments. For one, acquiring property in a flood prone area is like watching your life savings go down the drain.

Alveo Land’s division manager Anton Sanchez told that there are four things that a person must look into before investing in real estate.

The environment wherein the property is located should be of primary consideration. The latest project of Alveo Land is the Ferndale Villas in Quezon City. “The property will be located in a campus environment as it is annexed to the Far Eastern University campus, giving it that campus environment feel,” says Sanchez.

While the amenities are usually put as a ‘bonus’ feature to most real estate developments, these amenities actually play a crucial role in maintaining the sustainability of the project. If a property is poorly developed, its homeowners may soon relocate to better equipped properties that have amenities that suit their lifestyles.

The brand of the project says a lot about the property. “We are known as the standard bearer for residential development of Ayala Land. And we have delivered on time and execute what we show in our perspectives,” says Sanchez.

Target market
“For this project, our main targets are the locals living in the Quezon City area who want to upgrade into a gated developed community,” says Sanchez. While the project is a town house development, the property has been properly zoned out to make sure that the area does not become congested.


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