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4 simple tips to remember from a direct selling expert

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By Entrepreneur Staff |

Now you have just started your retail business and it’s your first day being your own boss. But do you know what you are supposed to do? asked Judy Era Taroc, Avon franchise manager for almost 20 years, to share with us her secrets on how they expanded the Avon brand in the country. She answered four questions which is on every start-up entrepreneurs mind when they start selling their products.

1. What’s a good way to approach a business prospect?
“Be your target market. In my case, I talk to and show people from my age group how to get beautiful skin without spending a lot on injections. Enhance your product’s credibility by being its walking advertisement.”

2. Is it possible to make a stand out sales pitch in five minutes or less? How is this done?
“It’s possible if you focus only on one product that the customer needs or wants. Just say, ‘I think you will love this product,’ then give the brochure and your contact information so the prospect can read it in their spare time. Busy people appreciate it if you respect their time.”

3. How does one sell when price is the determining factor?
“In Avon’s case, our dealers are allowed to offer our products on installment. Given the hard times, this payment scheme gives our clients a chance to buy our items.”

4. How can one be persistent with a prospect without being annoying?
“Timing is key. Find a convenient time for you to try again with the customer. Choose a time when he or she is not yet worn out from the day’s work. If possible, ask him the best time for you to call. The customer will see that you are being considerate and he will appreciate it. Customers have to be relaxed when you call so they would be receptive
and focused on your pitch.”

This article was originally published in the October 2006 issue of Entrepreneur Philippines.


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