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4 ways to get media attention for your business

The most basic tool to attract media attention is the press kit, which is a statement of what the entrepreneur or the business thinks is newsworthy about his product.
By Leah Del Castillo |

Unless  they are something covert or illegal, most entrepreneurs seek media coverage for their business. For any start-up with very little name recall, media coverage could help make or break the business. There are many examples of businesses that were originally obscure but were raised to public awareness thanks to media coverage.

The most basic tool to attract media attention is the press kit or press release, which is a statement or article of what the entrepreneur or the business thinks is newsworthy about his product or service. So here are some tips to help your press release become more attractive to the media, according to Alma Anonas-Carpio, a tech journalist and former editor of a major daily:

1. Your business must have an exceptional product or service

Having an exceptional or unique product makes you more interesting and would make you attractive to editors. Carpio advises business to be "innovative and creative enough to offer products and services that set trends." This can build up a company's reputation and help it -- particularly if it is a pioneer -- to be the point person or business for  future stories.


2. Use the Internet

In an ever more-connected world, taking your company on the Internet opens it to vast opportunities for promoting your business. Having an Internet presence also helps make your business more accessible to the media, says Carpio.

3. Treat the media well

Media personalities operate in a very close-knit circle where everyone knows everyone else, so it is important that an entrepreneur or a business makes a good impression with the media, says Carpio. To do this one, must respond promptly to media inquiries. "Train your staff to be courteous and efficient at all times, because people talk, " she says.

4. Be newsworthy

Newsworthiness is the primary criteria journalists use to evaluate what to feature in their publications or programs. According to Carpio, another way of being newsworthy is to "make sure that you represent your business well by being a good citizen worthy of praise and media attention."

Elements of a press release


While you and your staff may not be professional writers, it is important to be mindful of the basic elements of a press release when sending them to media organizations.To do so would lend credibility to your business, and thus increase your chances of being published. The basic elements of a press release are:


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