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4 ways to keep your employees happy

Entrepreneurs share their secrets on keeping their employees happy.
By Carlo P. Mallo |

It is one thing  to find the right employees; it is another to keep them happy on the job.Keeping an employee happy is more than just giving them high salary and prestigious positions in the corporate hierarchy. Sometimes, as one entrepreneur shares, it’s all about treating them  as humans rather than robots that are there to help you run your business.

One thing that most entrepreneurs fail to realize is that the manner they treat their employees reflects in the whole business process.Employees or your sales staff are your frontliners, and are the ones who put a face, a smiling one  or otherwise, on your business. A frowning employee, more often than not,  could mean lost sales. asked some entrepreneurs on how they keep their employees happy, and here are some of their secrets:

1.    Keep it personal

Believe it or not, constant “informal” communication with your employees can actually spell the difference between them staying on the job or turning in their resignation letters.

“One thing that we usually do is to conduct pep talks with our employees to give it a more personal approach. It is in these instances that they are able to open up and we, as owners, are able to hear and remedy their concerns. A sense of family is also helpful in making them love their job and the business more,” Natalia Garcia-Vellon, owner of Cornelia Moonshine Accessories Ltd., said.


2.    Tips

“The tips that we get from our customers are grouped together so that it can be shared by all the staff, from the waiters, cashiers, dishwashers, and cooks in the kitchen. After all, quality service does not rely on the waiters alone, good food from the kitchen, proper billing, and clean plates are also part of it,” Rochel Venuti, owner of Italian and Swiss restaurants in Davao, said.

Aside from the fact that they symbolize good quality service, tips also boost the income of the staff, especially in service-related industries like restaurants, hotels, and spas.


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